Tina Giltner

Studio Owner/Certified Instructor
Lafayette, IN
(765) 239-9774

I started teaching fitness in 1998 after having my son with a strength training class and a simple stretch class at my local YMCA. I had been reading and self-teaching Yoga and began to incorporate Yoga moves into my stretch class. I saw incredible transformations with my students right away! My place of employment, like many people, had the misconception that Yoga was a religion. Learning the knowledge behind Yoga taught me that it is about the relationship you have with your self which will affect your relationships with everything around you – whether you choose a higher power or not. I watched your everyday person experience physical, internal, even spiritual changes improving the actual being inside and out. This had an incredible influence on me immediately. I had found something so universal, for everyone and anyone, I wanted to take it further and see where I could go with this amazing ancient technique.

I was not able to teach Yoga where I had been a fitness instructor and I felt that I had something that I had to tell and show the world. This prompted me to open up my own Yoga studio now known as Sunshine Yoga Wellness Spa. I can’t explain the results that I get to personally see on a daily basis. This practice is for all. It will allow you to come into your wholeness which will in return allow you to have better relationships with the world and beings around you!