Chad Wright

COTA, LMT, Certified Somatic Coach
Lafayette, IN
(765) 239-9774

Chad has been a bodywork therapist since 1998 when he began practicing occupational therapy with an associates degree in the discipline.  He worked for a year at an inpatient, primarily geriatric, rehab facility.  Chad quickly discovered his aptitude and passion for helping people heal from pain, trauma, dysfunction, and postural misalignment through treating the connective tissue called fascia – that three-dimensionally interconnects every part of us! –  after learning some basics of myofascial release and craniosacral therapy from a colleague.  Chad had planned on doing extensive academic education, but once he began taking seminars in myofascial release (mfr), he realized the importance of developing his feeling intelligence and became an expert in mfr, as well as visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy; and studied muscle energy techniques, lymph drainage therapy, and other approaches.  So he could practice bodywork independently, Chad became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1999.  While he did so for some years, Chad no longer offers traditional massage, as his passion for the profound effects of releasing fascial restrictions has grown.  Chad has spent the past 25 years taking dozens of seminars by some of the best teachers in the world.   Through these combined approaches with the principles of the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach at the forefront, Chad has successfully treated people with a litany of disorders, some of which include: poor posture, trauma, back pain, neck pain, stenosis, sports and dance injuries, bulging and herniated discs, sciatica, vertigo, tinnitus, acid reflux, gall bladder spasms and other visceral issues, plantar fasciitis syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, tmj disorders, vertigo, tinnitus, cva’s, birth trauma and various other  traumas, inflammatory disorders, headaches, long covid, and more.  Chad is an instructor for the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Seminars.  He has also taught his own healing treatment weekends going back to 2002 and stretching classes using the mfr principles and others mentioned.  In 2002 Chad wrote and self published Myofascial Stretching and Self Treatment Guide.  (Not currently available to the public).  In 2005 Chad was certified as a somatic coach by the Hendrick’s Institute to help with dialoging with trauma and relationship challenges, though his passion has remained primarily towards bodywork.  Instrumental to his understanding of movement, health, healing, and posture are also Chad’s in depth background in boxing and martial arts as well as competitive salsa and ballroom dance and partner lifts and acrobatics, and a lifelong commitment to fitness.  Chad has a particular interest in practicing peace and plans to publish a book on the subject. Stay tuned!  He remains curious and open, renewing his beginner’s mind every day, and as a result loves and is astounded by the opportunity to do his work more than ever.  Chad is known for his personal and business motto “Everything is connected!”  He looks forward to serving your needs as best he can!

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Chad is rebranding.  His old website, is currently still up and running. is in the works and the full business name will be The Wright Institute of Bodywork and Healing Modalities.