Nadia Meyer

Massage Therapist
Lafayette, IN

I grew up in the world of metaphysics and healing. What people deem weird is often my normal. My friends like to call me the small medium at large. I spent 18 years working as a ballerina, touring and traveling the world, and always found myself seeking out and returning to healing work. I have learned and practiced many forms of Eastern and Western modalities. I am licensed in multiple states as a massage therapist and specialize in Ashiatsu, but also offer several other modalities. I am certified in Somatic Breathwork, several styles of Yoga, Subtle Chakra Energy work, Meditation, Transformation Coaching, and Hypno-Healing. I enjoy dance, Pilates, and Barre exercise, as well as mindful walking. My goal when working is to listen deeply to you, to your body, to spirit, and to all the things you are ready to bring up for advancing your growth and healing. I am truly excited to be part of the Dimension 7 Hub and to get to know the community.