Elizabeth Boener

Access Bars Facilitator & Practitioner

Working for 17 years as a special education teacher and then as a service provider for DCS, I have spent a lot of time helping people who were hurting. But, after 20+ years on medication for anxiety and depression, I wanted to do something different. I tried everything people tell you to try, diet, exercise, meditation, and nothing seemed to make a significant enough different that I could stop taking medications. Then I found Access Bars. It has led me on an amazing journey that allows me to walk through life unmedicated and JOYOUS! It is such an amazing process I had to learn it so I could help others.

Not only has my anxiety and depression disappeared, but I also lower my blood pressure and lost over 55 pounds! The effects of Access Bars are different on everyone but no one leaves without feeling lighter/ more relaxed. Want the ultimate relaxation and some regenerative time? Try and Bars/Facelift session! You won’t just feel like a new person, you will BE a new person!