Corefirst Yoga Sculpt

CFX Yoga

A truly unique class experience, Corefirst Yoga Sculpt combines the ancient practice of yoga with a revolutionary new training system—the Corefirst Trainer. The Corefirst Trainer is a training system designed to target core muscles with its hands-free resistance cords, allowing you to focus on your large core muscles and targeted movements without tiring your hands or forearms. The cords wrap around your wrists, freeing your entire body to flow naturally with the poses and allowing your mind to focus within.

This class incorporates strength training yoga with a twist to get you working and sculpting all your muscles. Sign up for this 45 minute workout now!

  • Intermediate
  • 30 Min
  • Tues/Thurs @ 10:30am
Tina Giltner

Tina Giltner
Studio Owner / Certified Instructor